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                         Shanghai f altar instrument co., LTD   Shanghai f altar instrument co., LTD is a professional production and sales:F the altar instrument(ruoxinhui.cn)Production and sales enterprises:The dynamometer,Pointer to the dynamometer,Digital display meter,2N-10NThe dynamometer,To the1000KNThe dynamometer,To provide1Tons of dynamometer.2Tons.3Tons.5Tons.10Tons of dynamometer.20Tons.30Tons.50Tons.100Tons of dynamometer.150Tons.200Tons of dynamometer,Wireless dynamometer,Look straight into the dynamometer,Tension meter,Wireless tension meter,Direct tension meter,Thrust meter, etc。We are a tension meter manufacturer to provide the most timely dynamometer prices,Wireless dynamometer,Look straight into the dynamometer,Shanghai dynamometer price and so on the professionalism of the company。   In the service of electronic company、Electric power、Communications、Environmental protection、Agriculture,Building,Energy saving、Aerospace and other industries;Over the years,Company with“The sincere service、Low price”For the purpose,For the masses of users at home and abroad to provide thoughtful pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service。Won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise,A more rapid development of our business laid a certain foundation。Keep improving our service,More perfect!Able to complete instrumentation engineering and maintenance service of form a complete set of product!Shanghai phone f altar instrument co., LTD:021-37631433     A mobile phone:13651930898Contacts:Li Yipeng     Fax:021-35034923BusinessQQ:13651930898    The mailbox:13651930898@qq.comAddress:Shanghai songjiang hui central village347Number(Hui industrial zone west)


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